Vbs malware analysis

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Vbs malware analysis

Because your browser does not support JavaScript you are missing out on on some great image optimizations allowing this page to load faster. Microsoft security researchers analyze suspicious files to determine if they are threats, unwanted applications, or normal files. Submit files you think are malware or files that you believe have been incorrectly classified as malware. For more information, read the submission guidelines. You are signed in with a account, however you have chosen to submit as a.

Choose a different option or sign in with a account. Customers using Microsoft security products at home or in small organizations. Corporate account holders with licenses to run Microsoft security solutions in their businesses. This portal is for internal use by Microsoft employees to report detection concerns to Microsoft Defender Research.

Submit files so our analysts can check them for malicious characteristics. Provide the specific files that need to be analyzed and as much background information as possible. WD Response serves as the primary contact point to our malware analysts. Submit your files through regular channels before contacting WD Response for special requests or submission follow-ups. Report issues with undetected suspicious activities or activities that have been incorrectly detected false positives.

Track the results of your submissions. You can view detailed detection information of all the files you have submitted as well as the determination provided by our analysts. Enter a file hash Sha1, Sha or Md5 format to view the file details including scan results. Specify the file and provide information that will help us to efficiently handle your case. Specify valid email addresses, separating each with a semicolon.

Grant other members of your organization access to submission details.

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SAID validated. Make high priority submissions only when dealing with active malware or incorrect detections that require immediate attention. Invalid SAID. The specified SAID could not be validated. All submissions are given regular priority. Problems validating SAID. Could not connect to the validation service. Please try again later. The selected file is too large.

Maximum file size is 50 MB.

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NOTE: Submit only the specific files you want analyzed. Submitting an installer package or an archive with a large number of files may delay the analysis and cause your submission to be deprioritized. Was this file found in the Microsoft corporate network?

Affected organization. Customer email address. Number of affected devices.VBScript has been used for many years. VBScript has been installed, by default, in every desktop release of Microsoft Windows since Windows Recently, there has been a resurgence of malware attacks using a rarely used file extension.

JS Javascript and. VBS Visual Basic Script files, can be used to download files, run them, making profound changes in the system etc… Cybercriminals often encode files in an attempt to evade antivirus detection. Most security organizations and anti-virus companies utilise malware analysis sandboxes to analyse potential malware files. A number of Malware analysis sandboxes can be found online from the below websites: a malware expert at FraudWatch International has done some research into which sandboxes can detect and analyse.

VBE files. The information below shows some of the methods that the malware uses to obstruct the automated analysis of the file code. VBE malware utilises the two simple tactics, of delaying and rebooting the infected machine, which interrupts the automated behaviour analysis.

vbs malware analysis

These simple techniques force the malware analyst to spend more time analysing the malware code manually, therefore extending the detection timeframe. Given the above techniques used, detection of VBE malware is quite low. If VBE malware is combined with another malware, such as Dyre which also includes anti-sandbox techniques, then its detection rate will be extremely low.

Just as FraudWatch International analysts have done, Sandbox developers can improve detection by updating their sandboxes to accept the VBE file type and adding functions along the following lines to enable proper analysis of VBE malware. Cyber criminals have discovered that very few anti-virus programs and sandbox environments can detect or analyse malicious VBE code, hence the increasing attacks using VBE malware.

The malwr. Malware sample: SHA dc5d99e0a73e8df5acebf8ac1cffa6fdad9 com analysis Virustotal The information below shows some of the methods that the malware uses to obstruct the automated analysis of the file code. DLL executable should be executed using the syntax below, otherwise it cannot be properly executed. For example: rundll How can sandboxes be improved to detect VBE? Note: The threattracksecurity sandbox seems to be the only malware analysis sandbox to have implemented this functionality already.Share the post "In-depth malware analysis of mmpifmxnth.

vbs malware analysis

Last week I was asked to check a Windows 7 x64 laptop due an extremely poor performances, so as first step I run a complete scan with AntiMalwareBytes free and Avira Antivirus.

This two great free software made a great works cleaning more than infected objects!! After the reboot another scan has been started just to be sure that everything was fine and the results confirmed the clean status. I found the right path looking the Run registry key:. Finally I moved the vbs script to my LinuxBox: Avira Antivirus has not detected the malicious content even when accessed via notepad!!! The list of the command available is the following:. Looking deeply into the source code, I found every command action:.

This malware provide to the attacker many information about victim host: operating system, architecture, service pack level, logical drives, running processes, etc… There are also a specific function security used to enumerate the Security Center and Antivirus Status.

Using this function the attacker can enumerate security features installed on victim host and act as dropper: using send function the attacker can upload malicious code to avoid the specific AntiVirus detection and start evasion techniques. The malware name for the most famous AntiVirus products is:. I hope the article will be useful. If you have any questions or suggestions use the comment form below! I actually tried to decipher this virus myself after seeing what the links execute.

Awesome work! Your email address will not be published. The right place for a safer Net Share the post "In-depth malware analysis of mmpifmxnth. Comments I actually tried to decipher this virus myself after seeing what the links execute.

You might wanna use the uninstall command to remove the malware from the system. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Latest Posts Exploiting ShellShock getting a reverse shell Malvertising: una minaccia in espansione FgScanner included in BlackArch Linux Malware related archives decryption using strings command Windows 8 upgrade: the nightmare begin.

To ensure optimal navigation and other services, this site is designed to allow the use of all cookies. By continuing you accept Cookies in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Accept Read More. Cookies Policy. Necessary Always Enabled.In this article, we will analyze a new trojan dropper — so new it has yet to be named.

It is a newly observed VBS malware that uses multiple layers of code obfuscation and very well-structured code to drop and execute two embedded RATs. There are three main layers of encoding. All encoding is in Base This particular malware works by dropping two RATs on the disk.

Some malware only using half the code of this malware, have also been discovered in the wild.

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Campaign Flow:. Code Structure:. At this stage, the code structure is quite simple. All of the stage 2 code is base64 encoded and simple replace statement fixes minor obfuscations that are there in the code to add another layer of obfuscation to the already encoded code. This means that the decoded code can be executed after it has been successfully decoded. The last item to be called id the Private Sub, where all the decoding takes place. As we can see in the block below, the encoded data streches into almost a thousand lines.

Once decoded, the malware moves into the next stage.

vbs malware analysis

In this stage, two important things take place. First, a new file is created. This file will decode into the watcher code that makes sure that the code is running at all times. The second thing that happens at this stage is the creation of stage 3 code:.

This script, on execution, should give us the decoded, ready-to-go version of the Dunihi RAT.

Submit a file for malware analysis

This what the Dunihi RAT should look like after the encoded string shown above in stage 2 is decoded:. This is the final stage of the main malware execution. This stage will get us all the files that are needed for the successful execution of the malware. Stage 3 results in creation of three files:. The first file to be executed is the Watcher. Watcher then runs the other two:. Watcher makes sure the RAT and the master file are running.

If they are not found to be running, it executes them. The master makes sure the watcher is running. If it is not running, it executes it. It also adds the required entries to the registry. At this point in the execution flow, all the files have been successfully deployed and executed.Any program that is intended to disrupt computer or network operation, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems or networks is malware.

Malware analysis is an art of dissecting the malware in order to understand how it works, and how to defeat or eliminate it. MD5 Calculation. Bin Text in action. Dependency Walker listing dependent modules. IDA Pro. Check for the the File system and process activity using procmon or proc explorer or any other available tool. Procmon monitors all system calls it can gather as soon as it is run while as Process Explorer monitors the processes running on a system and shows them in a tree structure that displays child and parent relationships.

Process Monitor. Determine the recent Registry activities, which keys have been added or deleted recently. Regshot is a good tool for this purpose. Regshot provides comparison of registry entries before and after running executable.

Malware Analysis - Java Malware Deobfuscation

Regshot Snapshot. Monitor for Network activity using apate DNS, or wireshark.

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Wireshark Preview. Test or examine the execution of malware by means of any low level debugger like Ollydbg or Windbg. A debugger is a program that is used to test or examine the execution of another program.

Low level debugger traces registers, recognizes procedures, API calls, switches, tables, constants and strings, as well as locates routines from object files and libraries.


It also provides the function to pause the execution of program under test and check its state. Below is snapshot of Olly in action. Olly Debugger. Your email address will not be published. Oct 30 0. There are two fundamental approaches to malware analysis:- — Static analysis, which involves examining and analysing the malware without executing it. Static Analysis approach: A very first step to malware analysis is to run malware through multiple antivirus programs, which may already have identified it.

It can save us from lot of time and work.These malicious JAR i. Here is an initial infection vector which is a spam email. As it looks legitimate, the user is tempted to download and open the attachment. After extracting the parent JAR file, it shows some java packages containing some long random filenames which contain raw data and class files. We have observed that malware actors are evolving malicious JARs with numerous obfuscations patterns. Some of the patterns are as follows:.

Well-known decompilers failed to decompile the parent JAR file. Every dropped file has a unique role in the infection cycle. Also, the parent JAR checks for a virtual machine using GlobalMemoryStatusEx api which checks for the total physical and virtual memory available. One of the VBS files enumerates a list of different firewall installed using WMI Windows Management Instrumentation functionality and the other one enumerates a list of third-party antivirus products using the same functionality upon execution.

So, if any process gets started and if it has an entry under that key then the process gets killed.

Basic Malware Analysis

To achieve persistence, it makes an entry into an auto-run registry so that it can launch itself when the system reboots. Furthermore, finding and disabling security solutions using numerous ways show how it got evolved.

The evolution of a 4-year-old-threat Emotet: From an infamous Trojan to a complex threat distributer July 25, Our website uses cookies. Cookies enable us to provide the best experience possible and help us understand how visitors use our website. By browsing this website, you agree to our cookie policy.

Search for:. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes jRAT Java Based Remote Access Trojans malware is not new but its activity has increased recently in the last few months and they are targeting various organizations.

Infection chain Fig 1: jRat Infection Chain. Fig 2: Spam Email. Fig 3: Different Obfuscation Patterns. Fig 8: Persistence Entry in Registry.Change your settings. English X. Have a question? After a full scan the antivirus detected a large number of files that are infected.

Is this really a false positive? Is there anyone else with the same problem? Thank you. So, that we can check the same and assist you further. Ioannis Makripoulias Yes I can and I will when I manage to find time for it, though, the message I was getting is exact the same as John J's message that has a screenshot attached or the message described by Chris C and also the same as many many more users I found in many forums so I really don't see any point in this.

I don't know why are you still asking for something that you must know already. The problem is that after this false positive and also a totally lack of any official answer from you I did a full scan and AVG deleted or quarantined a large number of files so I must go for a system restore. I am a friend of AVG for too many time and I understand I'm using the free version but after the second false alarm in 2 months causing me a full system restore, unfortunatelly, I think I'm gooing to look for an alternative.

Thank you for your time.

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Eric M I am also having this issue and would love any updates. So uninstalled with the remove utility and installed First scan shows VBS:Malware-gen results. We suggest you to update AVG and check if that fix the issue.

Peter Smith Are these hits still considered false positives? I recieved two hits in seperate "wuapp. Hence it is a false positive. You need to sign in to do that. Need an account? Sign Up. Have an account? Sign In Facebook. Need help?


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