Pigeon racing tips

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Pigeon racing tips

When it comes to pigeon racing, you will find different methods to get to the finish line. Keeping records may not be the first thing you think of when breeding, training or doing anything else in your loft, but can be key to future success. Letting your pigeons go outside the loft for the first time. A few helpful tips for those releasing your pigeons for the first time. It can be scary when letting your birds out to free fly for the first time,….

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Tips For Racing Pigeons Part 2 We had a great response to the first set of 13 tips for racing pigeons, if you missed that post you can check it out by clicking here. Here are 13 tips for pigeon racers that will help you during the season.

pigeon racing tips

Although this may be a beginner topic it is a very important one. This video will show you how to….

Pigeon racing tips

In this video Terry shows us how he uses his squeakers to help motivate his…. There is nothing that will knock your birds off form quicker than a small mouse urinating or leaving droppings or drinking from the birds water fountain. Make sure…. Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Press ESC to cancel. Skip to content When it comes to pigeon racing, you will find different methods to get to the finish line.

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Page 1 Page 2 Next. Search for: Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Back To Top. Discover the amazing world of Pigeon Racing — and the secret life of racing pigeons! Get tips and tricks to help you start out the right way in this rewarding sport.Just like any other animal, racing pigeons or fancy pigeons deserve to be properly treated in order to stay healthy. If you own and race pigeons or fancy pigeons, you must be aware that pigeons should not only appear good on the outside.

They must feel healthy on the inside as well. It is a common fact on pigeons that they are good in hiding their true conditions. It is very hard to distinguish healthy pigeons from the sickly ones just by merely looking at them.

This is because of the birds natural instinct to look healthy even if they are not. The only way to find out that a racing pigeon or fancy pigeon is already weak is by holding it with your hands. You will notice right away that the pigeon is now as light as a feather. This is caused by bio-organisms and bacteria that gradually stress out the pigeon, making them lose their appetite when eating.

If you really want your racing pigeons to deliver a top performance during competitions, then you must start taking care of their health. Here are the things that you must consider to give your pigeons a stress-free life. Moisture is the number one drawer of viruses and parasites in your pigeons loft. You have to make sure that water is not entering the lofts roof whenever it is raining, and theres no part of the loft that is prone to leaks. Keeping the pigeons dry will prevent them from being irritated and they will not be bothered by parasites that can cling on to their bodies.

Keeping the loft well ventilated greatly improves the health of the pigeons. A regular breathing habit is essential for the pigeons longevity in the sky when racing. Anything that the pigeon breathes in is reactive to his performance, therefore you should avoid dust and other unnecessary particles from entering the loft that could make the pigeon breathe heavily.

Also, for the loft to be properly ventilated, avoid overcrowding among the pigeons. The temperature will be more favorable if there are only a few pigeons that occupy a loft. Also, if in case one pigeon catches a disease, there is a lesser chance for the other pigeons to get infected. This factor is already self-explanatory.

Just like human beings, your racing pigeons must be fed with fresh and clean food and water.To become a champion and remain one, the true fancier does not trouble himself with color, body, eyes, wings, etc.

Spend quality time with your birds, and you will improve your record. Give the birds kind, gentle and regular attention so they will trust you. This should make them contented and unafraid. This loving care they receive will encourage their instinctive love of home, and it will speed them up or motivate them to their best performances on race day.

There is no one perfect way of doing things in this sport. However, there are certain things which everyone must do to succeed. Give your youngsters a chance to mature. Do not overwork and burn them out with long, hard training flights. Train consistently and have an effective trapping system with plenty of short tosses miles.

Breed performance birds to performance birds or performance bloodlines to performance bloodlines. The downfall of many successful lofts has been their attempts to make changes by trying to seek new blood and not. Intelligent pigeons have no trouble finding home and are able to adjust to different types of conditions. Frequently top lofts use a select bird from the other champion lofts around the country as a performance cross.

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If you count on chance or luck to win races, you will have a better chance if you purchase a lottery ticket. Breed birds that will successfully compete in the tough competition based on results not, color, body, eyes, wings, etc.

Yes, Thats why its very important to vaccinate your birds annually and also give them a small clean up for any infection they may bring back from the basket. If the birds are dipped or sprayed with permethrin or any other similar insecticide, they will not have passsengers with them on the way back. Many successful fanciers always give them a round of preventive dosages for canker, cocci and respiratory infections on the return of the birds to knock out anything that they may have picked up.

Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Press ESC to cancel. Skip to content. Previous Article Buying Pigeons? Do Your Homework part 2. BreedingWhat's New August 21, July 10, General Thoughtshoming pigeonhoming pigeonsLoftLoft Managementpigeonpigeon auctionpigeon racingpigeonspigeons for salepigeons racingrace pigeonrace pigeonsRacingracing homerracing homersracing pigeonracing pigeonsWhat's New February 29, March 4, Thanks for this great tip,this really make sense.

Older comments. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Search for: Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Back To Top.Support the metabolism of your pigeons during moulting for optimal health and a perfect set of new feathers.

Provide your pigeons with an energy boost for short distances, maximum endurance for long distances and just the right ingredients for optimal and fast recuperation and training.

pigeon racing tips

Our webshop is 24 hours a day, seven days a week accessible. All our products are the result of years of meticulous research and embody the following values :. We hope, dear fancier, that your pigeons will enjoy our products and, in combination with your experience, help you deliver top performances. Only the best for my pigeons!

Metachol cleans the liver and has an important influence on their digestion. It also makes my pigeons shine with healthy feathers. The best way to start racing is with healthy, well trained pigeons. It is a number one health product to keep your birds with no sickness and no bad digestion disorders of any kind. I can now fully concentrate on getting them in the best shape to become winners. Of course with help of the other nutrition supplements from Pigeon HP.

Shipping and handling by:. About us Local resellers Contact. Cart 0. Menu Cart 0. Supplements for Breeding Maintain a good health, increase fertility and grow the next generation of winners. Shop breeding supplements.

20 Tips to Becoming a Champion Fancier

Supplements for Moulting Support the metabolism of your pigeons during moulting for optimal health and a perfect set of new feathers. Shop moulting supplements. Supplements for Racing Provide your pigeons with an energy boost for short distances, maximum endurance for long distances and just the right ingredients for optimal and fast recuperation and training.

Shop racing supplements. Featured products. View all products. Download schedules. Secure payments by:. Newsletter Sign up for the latest news, offers and tips. Do you also want an excellent health and top performances of your pigeons?Search this site. Home Articles. Latest News. Contact me. Topics Letter to a friend.

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Birds for sale. Beginners Guide. The Legends. Th e Pigeon. The Loft. Pigeons Health. Disease and Treatment. Selecting The Breeders. Young Birds Selection.

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Racing Systems. E - coli. Pigeons products Books. E books. Racing bird images Images for Racing Birds. Images for Racing Birds. Build or adapt your basket that way so you can teach the young ones to drink. First pigeon arrived - Last pigeon arrived - IN other words your pigeons had 2 minutes to be on time the get some results.

If your pigeons lost minutes on the fields drinking water do you really expect. I can only hope that you realize how important it is to teach your birds to. Build your loft facing towards the sun ,lifted from the ground at minimum 50 cm ,and with a very good ventilation Provide a transparent roof for the entire aviary sectionIt's time that you were given the keys to the pigeon racing secrets that you have always been denied.

It's time you learned the amazingly simple secrets that keep top racing pigeon fanciers winning race after race and stop people like us from having a chance until now! My name is Elliott Lang and I want to show you the quick and easy method you have to follow if you want prize winning racing pigeons.

This is a money-back -guaranteed formula that all of the top pigeon racers are following to push their pigeons ahead of the flock. Without this guide you will be left scratching your head wondering:.

Don't worry, I was in the same boat until a good friend of mine opened up the vault doors and let me in on the secret methods they'd all been using. I'm offering you a guide to push you out of your rut and start racing your birds in a way that's going to send shivers down other fanciers' spines!

I'm not saying you will definitely win this kind of life-changing prize-money but, by improving your training and breeding methods, you will stand a much better chance of walking away with a well-earned reward for your passion. As an example, take a look at some of these past results from races won by the best fanciers:. Don't you deserve to be a winner too? Find people who keep racing pigeons and they will, without fail, tell you they are loving, intelligent birds. Learn the amazingly simple secrets that keep top pigeon fanciers winning race after race and stop people like us from having a chance until now!

So, my name is Elliott Lang. In fact I thought my father was a little strange spending all his time with those birds. I can still remember the event like it was yesterday As you know homing pigeons were used with devastating success to get messages and micro photographs from behind enemy lines during World War Two. Many downed airmen and others owe their lives to the skill of the pigeon fanciers and courage of these birds. And the army has handed out many awards of honour in their dedication.

pigeon racing tips

My father was one of the fanciers whose job it was to receive the messages and pass them on to higher command And after the war he bought a couple of pigeons of his own. On this fateful day I was grudgingly dong so when I noticed a message attached to the leg of one of the pigeons Something about this sent my heartbeat racing.

I now understood how he felt. My interest was stimulated and I eagerly opened the message. It was simpleThe training of a pigeon starts the moment it is weaned and has to fend for itself. Youngsters are weaned any time between 21 and 28 days of age. They would normally not attempt to eat during the first day after having been taken away from their parents. Therefore it is better to take them away in the evening, after they have been fed.

If fed properly, they will not be too hungry the next morning. The first lesson to teach them will be to drink water and to know where the water is. This is done on the evening of the first day after they have been weaned, by gently dipping their beaks into the water dish.

Leave it to stand on its feet, just holding it over the back and wings with one hand and dipping its beak into the water with the other hand.

pigeon racing tips

It will struggle a little, but will start drinking the moment it realises that its beak is being dipped into water.

Sometimes it will be necessary to repeat the exercise the next day, but most pigeons will go to the water themselves the next day. You may also try feeding them now and I usually place a little food in the hopper so that they can see it. Never feed just weaned youngsters on fine foods such as wheat or other fine seeds.

Give them only pleas, beans and maize. This bad habit will only show up when you start exercising them since they cannot eat sufficient quantities of their favourite fine seeds to build up the required energy. At feeding you will soon pick out the pigeons that only eat fine seeds by their habit of running around in the loft with outspread wings and showing every sign of being half-starved. This is also the time to get them use to your call or whistle whichever method of calling you wish to adopt.

Even the rattling of the food tin will tell them that it is feeding time and if they are hungry, they will respond to your call after the second or third day. Although there are fanciers who believe that youngsters should not be rationed, they should certainly not be overfed.

Pigeon racing tips

For the fancier this is also a good training in itself to learn to know exactly how much food his pigeons get at any time. The amount of food eaten will vary from meal to meal but one should be abie to get some idea of quantities. The youngsters should be fed just enough at a time to last them until the next meal. Remember that the fancier who overfeeds his pigeons has no hope of exercising any control over them.

In the beginning I would advise you to hand-feed the birds.


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