Medical store management system project ppt

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Medical store management system project ppt

After the completion of purchase procedure, the next important aspect Of materials management is storekeeping. A storehouse is a building provided for preserving materials, stores and finished goods. The in-charge of store is called storekeeper or stores manager. The organisation of the stores department depends upon the size and layout of the factory, nature of the materials stored and frequency of purchases and issue of materials. Stores may be centralised or decentralised.

Centralised storage means a single store for the whole organisation, whereas decentralised storage means independent small stores attached to various departments. Centralised storekeeping ensures better layout and control of stores, economical use of storage space, lesser staff, saving in storage costs and appointment of experts for handling storage problems. It further ensures continuous stock checking. It suffers from certain drawbacks also.

It leads to higher cost of materials handling, delay in issue of materials to respective departments, exposure of materials to risks of fire and accident losses are practical difficulties in managing big stores.

On the other hand, decentralised stores involve lesser costs and time in moving bulky materials to distant departments and are helpful in avoiding overcrowding in central store. However, it too suffers from certain drawbacks viz.

To ensure uninterrupted supply of materials and stores without delay to various production and service departments of the organisation. To ensure most effective utilisation of available storage space and workers engaged in the process of storekeeping. In the light of above objects, the functions performed by the stores department are outlined below:. Issuing purchase requisitions to Purchase Department as and when necessity for materials in stores arises. Receiving purchased materials from the purchase department and to confirm their quality and quantity with the purchase order.

Storing and preserving materials at proper and convenient places so that items could be easily located. Storing the materials in such a manner so as to minimise the occurrence of risks and to prevent losses due to defective storage handling. Issuing materials to various departments against material requisition slips duly authorized by the respective departmental heads.

Undertaking a proper system of inventory control, taking up physical inventory of all stores at periodical intervals and also to maintain proper records of inventory. Providing full information about the availability of materials and goods etc. There are four kinds of inventories received by stores viz. The store room should be located at a convenient and appropriate place. It should have ample facilities to store the materials properly viz.

There can be a single store room in case of a small organisation, but a large scale concern can have different or multiple stock rooms in addition to general or main store. The separate stockrooms may be used for different classes of inventories. The material should be stored in such a manner as to protect it against the risks of damage, destruction and any kind of loss. Each article should have identifying marks viz. These risks are very useful in locating or identifying an article in the stores.

This section is concerned with keeping proper records with regard to receipt and issue of materials.Today the world's most forward looking medical agency are trying to provide more reliable and accurate services in their field, offering services to the customers and employees with all the available choices in their interest.

It may be a leading many different medical shops. Every Shop nowadays is trying to computerize its activities to provide better services to its customers. This system enables to manage and record the activities of whole medical Shop of multi-facility skills only. It enables the other staff to provide their services in a more systematic and efficient manner, hence improving the goodwill of concerned institution.

This helps the administrator to analyze upon the performance of institution. View the discussion thread. Medical Shop Management System Synopsis. Objectives of the Project Medical Shop Management System Synopsis The main objectives behind the development of this project are as follows: To assist the medical shop keeper and wholesalers in capturing the effort spent on their respective working areas.

To utilize human resource of the institution in an efficient manner by increasing their productivity through automation. This will let them take managerial decisions. The system generates a number of types of reports that can be then used for various managerial and administrative purposes.

To store the information of the supplier. To store the information of the medicines. To store the information Employees. To store the information of the worker. To store the information of the worker salary. To store the information of the worker salary details. The basic concept to develop this project was to manage shops, The main aim of this mini python project is to develop which provides all the information relates to medicines.

In this mini Python, Django project Online This bill module is the main module in this project Medical Store Billing System which has been It tracks all the information and details of the Therapist. We have We provides many types of java software projects to be developed as the final year college project for students. Students can Our website Freeprojectz.

medical store management system project ppt

The project Medical Here We can develop php mini projects with documentation on latest topics. We have used the MySQL database for storing the data of the system. We provides many types of java software projects to be developed as the final year We have many good collections of visual basic sql server with source code and database. View All Premium Projects.The main purpose of arranging such training is to get some practical knowledge ans experience about various aspects of management.

We have taken system software of Patel medical. We have noted all the required Information for our practical training and which were submitted to our concerned persons of the computer class.

Because I have knowledge of VB and Oracle it. Scope It works on Windows 98 and appears version windows. It will be developed for Patel medical. It is user friendly all information is English like language. There for any user can easily use this project. Drawbacks of current system 1. Time consuming 2. More expensive 3. Searching problem 4.

Maintains problem of all registers 5.

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Less accuracy 6. Problem for marking of not normal value 7. More stationary 8. Display multiple reports. Advantages of computerized system 1. Time saving Less expensive Powerful searching Solve the problem of maintains register More accuracy Easy generate report Not display multiple reports. These all areas combine defines whether the project is feasible or not. These major areas are given below:. It determines whether the current level of technology supports the proposed system or not.

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The technical possibility of proposed system or not. The technical possibility of proposed system is as follows:. The units does process the hardware as well as related software for the projects.Grand continental is the leading hotel of my city. It has provided best facility to our customer.

medical store management system project ppt

It has number of permanent and many temporary customers. Hotel is situated in heart of the city area called civil lines. It has number of employees, which provide own service to hotel. Hotel has restaurant facilities for all customers. Here a banquet hall, baradari, and bar are also for customer.

In banquet and baradari have large no of choice showing in menu card. Now a days the most looking medical organizations provide more reliable and accurate services in their field, offering services to the patient with all the available choices in their interest. It may be a leading hospital, and provide closely of the illness i. Every medical field computerizes its activities to provide better services to patients. The aim is to automate its existing manual system by the help of computerized equipments and full-fledged computer software, fulfilling their requirements, so that their valuable report can be stored for a longer period with easy accessing.

This project deals with the management of the Computerized General Store Solution. General Store Management Solution is a place where the entire goods.

Basically the project describes the goods information of their efficiency cost. My project deals the transaction criteria of Telephone Billing Department. In my project I automate the billing of people who has telephone in their home or shop. In any Telephone department peoples comes receive their bills it may be monthly or 3 monthly. Telephone bill are generated according to the plans the use receive and the scheme that he follow in their shop or home.

Medical Store Management System

There are many types of plans for the peoples. This system generates the bills of customer according to their connection number and it requests like request for plans, schemes, and bills.

medical store management system project ppt

Computerization is must in every place because it save the money, human errors and time for the peoples. The modern Shopping mall combines the multiple shops items into a single shop.

Basically the project describes how to manage sale, purchase, stock and billing etc. For easy and convenient processing we need to develop software, which works as per our requirements. This project deals with the management criteria of the Study Centre.

Basically the project describes how to manage entrance, registration, exams, time table, fee submission, employee and their salary etc. We are all living in the twenty first century; in this age computerization is must to increase the flexibility, efficiency of any department.

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My project is made to computerize the Sports training centre in a symmetric manner. Training centre is a place where peoples come for training of sports for their entertainment and to improve health. Sport training centre improve the health and playing capacity of a child.

Civil Lines is heart of my city there is a Sport training centre which provide the training for many sports as you like but the management of that department is not well sometime we have to face the problem like renewable the membership, providing new membership for my friends, to pay fine charge etc because in this work we have to waste our time by standing in a row because of non computerization environment.

So I want to automate the training centre in an efficient manner. In this modern era the demand of service and industries is increasing day by day so, a lots of competition in the field. My software automate the working of staff of photo studio. Nowadays most of the medical organizations try to provide more reliable and accurate services in their field, offering services to the patient with all the available choices in their interest.

It may also provide various tests for illnesses i.This chapter discusses medical stores management at central-level stores and at regional or district-level stores that are independent from health facilities.

This supply model represents the traditional top-down system that is operated by a governmental or parastatal entity or a nongovernmental organization; however, a number of countries have now decentralized many of their pharmaceutical sector operations, including stores management. Chapter 8 discusses supply chain options, including the trend toward decentralization. In addition, many supply systems contract out certain operations to private-sector companies.

Managing contracts requires skills such as defining and monitoring performance indicators and negotiating payment and service terms. See Chapter 39 for more information on contracting. The tenets of this chapter, therefore, apply to stores operating in either the public often called central medical stores or nonpublic sectors. Medical stores management should assist both the flow and reliability of supplies from source to user as economically and reliably as possible, and without significant wastage, loss of quality, or theft.

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The primary purpose of a store is to receive, hold, and dispatch stock. This materials management process is implemented through inventory control and warehouse management systems, which may be manual or computer based.

The primary purpose of inventory control is to manage stock and ensure the smooth flow of goods by determining what, how much, and when to order stock.


Consequently, it provides essential information for procurement management. Warehouse management comprises the physical movement of stock into, through, and out of a medical store warehouse. The systems should also be designed to provide information for performance monitoring. Although the essential characteristics of materials management are the same for all systems, the level of sophistication of medical stores varies widely, and each store approaches its system and documentation differently.

Therefore, the basic features presented in this chapter are adaptable, depending on the complexity of the medical stores management operation. Medical Stores Management. The following are characteristics of a well-managed stores operation - The store should be divided into zones that provide a range of environmental conditions and degrees of security.

There should be an appropriate zone to suit every item to be stored. Stock should be arranged within each zone according to some orderly system.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up.

Anish Maharjan. Dipesh Shrestha Mr. This report is forwarded for examination to Pokhara University. Kamal Pd. Utsav Neupane. The material contained in the report has not been submitted to any University or Institution for the award of any degree. Mandip Humagain Roll No: have completed the project work for the full prescribed period under Pokhara University curriculum and the project embodied the result of his investigations conducted during the period they worked as a full time student of this department.

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The Final year project has been approved by the following panel of examiners: S. The satisfaction and success of completion of this task would be incomplete without heartfelt thanks to people whose constant guidance, support and encouragement made this work successful. On doing this undergraduate project we have been fortunate to have help, support and encouragement from many people we would like to acknowledge them for their cooperation.

Our first thanks goes to Pokhara University for designing such a worthy syllabus and making us do this project.

medical store management system project ppt

Our next batch of thanks goes to the faculty of Management of Nobel College without whose help our project would have been impossible. This list includes Principal of Nobel College, Mr. Dipesh Shrestha. Our very sincere and heartfelt thanks go to Mr. Utsav Neupane our project supervisors who constantly guided us through the project time period.

Without his guidance, our project would have been impossible. Last but not the least we want to thank every direct and indirect hands that were involved in completion of this project.

Finally, our heartfelt thanks goes to Mr. Krian Kurmar Regmi, Training Manager of Leaffrog technology Nepal as an external examiner for our final year project and thanks for sharing his valuable time with us to evaluate our work and provide professional suggestion with us.

This project has been a wonderful experience where we have learnt and experienced many beneficial things. The Inventory Management System IMS refers to the system and processes to manage the stock of organization with the involvement of Technology system. This system can be used to store the details of the inventory, stock maintenance, update the inventory based on the sales details, generate sales and inventory report daily or weekly based.

This project is categorize individual aspects for the sales and inventory management system. In this system we are solving different problem affecting to direct sales management and purchase management. Inventory Management System is important to ensure quality control in businesses that handle transactions resolving around consumer goods. Without proper inventory control, a large retail store may run out of stock on an important item.

A good inventory management system will alert the wholesaler when it is time to record.

Medical Shop Management System .

Inventory Management System is also on important means of automatically tracking large shipment. An automated Inventory Management System helps to minimize the errors while recording the stock.Are you looking for Medicine inventory management system for your final year project?

We are here to help you. You can contact us. Everyone in this world, somewhere in the world and in time one has to face some kind of disease or injuries. The disease to cure we need some doctor to concern. As we go to the doctor he analyzes the problem with us and tell us the reason of problem and prescribe us some sort of medicines.

These medicines are available in medical stores.

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Now here come up with such a system which capable of recording that from where the medicines need to take out according to the name, brand, price in the racks, which are marked with the no. Here the system helps the staff to manage the medicines in the racks and also useful in reinstalling the stock in the racks and easy to find.

Here system gives total according to the quantity of the medicines individually and from the order, they get the invoice of the medicines. The prescription is taken care with great care as one needs to take care that few medicines are sophisticated to make it available to customers. Hence a useful system is capable of working and managing the medicines in a store. The system is made of the combination of modules which work with collaboration with each other and make it beneficial to accomplish the main aim of the system.

Here we have this interface for the user. The payment can be done by the user through the by their debit card in the account of the owner of the medicos they will get options for that in an integrated environment of the payments.

The medicines are kept in proper place so that they can be taken out fast as soon as they get the order. It helps the staff to search it from the interface that where it is located and where they will find it. Users information have to be compelled to be registered within the system thus on establish every of them unambiguously and do the required group action as simple potential.

For use, he will have to register. One person needs to put his all the details properly and precisely as it will be helpful in identifying them and believing that he is the real person who has booked for the same. After registration one will log within the system because the operator of the system either on the behalf of user. Here either bride or groom both have to log in with their unique identity and passwords. After this, they will be directed to the main user interface from where they have further options.

This is quite often that people tend to forget the password they keep for the login. So this could be very tedious and hectic to recover the password manually in case if one needs to login in the emergency. So to overcome this problem we have this module named ass forgot the password and using this module user can recover their password in seconds. So here we need to only put our registered email Id and hit the enter.

In seconds one can use this module and get rid of forgetting password problem. Admin has the official powers to control the flow of the data from one part of the system to the other.

He has the power to manipulate the access of the users to the data.


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